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Dreamy Orthopedic Anatomical Pillow Uriel Uriel 67
Orthopedic pillow is highly recommended

A unique anatomical sleeping pad that provides support to the head and neck vertebrae throughout your sleep.
* Orthopedic pillow with special anatomical structure made of antiallergic polyurethane with Visco memory manufactured by injection molding method.

The unique shape of the pillow for a busy neck helps ease the different postures of the head, pillows two ridges at different heights and can be used on both sides according to your personal comfort.

* If you have neck pain, the recommended sleeping position is on your back while your head is resting on the straight part of your pillow. The pillow has a curved shape that helps the discs to release stress and thus does not hurt.
If you are snoring, the recommended posture for sleeping is on your side, and use the high side of the pillow so you can breathe more quietly.

Pillow Dimensions: Pillow
Length: 50 cm
Width: Thirty-three inches.
Lower Side Height: 11 cm
Height of Height: 13 cm
The pillow has an entire pillow case made of high quality fabric that can be lowered and washed in a washing machine (and then dried in a drying machine) - choose the delicate washing machine program.

Another quality product from URIEL Orthopedics.
This pillow receives warm recommendations from orthopedics, chiropractic and physical therapy professionals.
Polymer viscos, from which the pillow is made, is capable of adapting to the character of the person's body lying on it, as well as having a softening ability (it does so due to the sensitivity of your body heat). Thanks to these capabilities, the pressure is dissipated.

It is strongly recommended not to wrap the pillow with another buoyancy, to get the full effect of the pillow shape.

How to use an orthopedic neck pillow?

The dream pillow takes a year on each side. For people with wider shoulders, you should use the higher side where the body is more likely to lie on a straight side - if you are sleeping on a side.

If your neck hurts, the recommended posture is on your back, not your stomach, and you can flip the pillow and sleep on its right side. In this way, a small backward inclination of your head is performed and the natural curvature of your neck is maintained, the spacing between your vertebrae will open and this will reduce pain.