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ADJUSTABLE ARCH SUPPORT KIT – Suitable for High, Medium, and Low Arch Types

About the Product

Uriel Arch Support kit is a one-stop-shop option for all types of feet.
One package contains a pair of low arch support insoles, one pair of medium arch support inserts and one pair of high arch support inserts.
Choose the combination you find most comfortable out of 9 different options.
Ideal for people with different arch types on each foot.
Relieves pain, provides cushioning and support, yet won’t crowd your shoes
Distributes pressure and provides shock absorption to cushion ball of foot, heel, shin and knee.
Made with High quality materials to guarantee comfort and long durability.
Product Description

The Uriel Adjustable Arch Support Kit is the ideal product if you want to have one pair of insoles for various arch types. One package allows you to have 9 different combinations as it contains 2 arch support insoles, 2 high arch inserts and 2 medium arch inserts.

This arch support kit is ideal for daily use for people who suffer from back pain, flat feet, high arch and/or plantar fasciitis.