What is the recommended age for Fillerina intensive treatment?

There aren't any age restrictions for Fillerina intensive treatment 🤗 The filler is produced in 3 different grades. The choice of the grade depends on your skin and the effect you want to achieve.

💧💧💧Grade 3 is developed for initial wrinkles, expression lines, initial facial depression, skin with decreasing thickness & density, and initial sagging signs.

💧💧💧💧Grade 4 is recommended for mature skin with poor thickness and density, deep wrinkles, and expression lines, strongly expressed micro-relief irregularities, and noticeable skin sagging.

💧💧💧💧💧Grade 5 is designed to correct extremely deep age wrinkles and expression lines, severe depression of the tissues, marked sagging signs.

Not sure which grade is right for you? Visit one of our authorised stockists for help.
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