Go Green this Christmas: 5 Eco-Friendly Tips for a Sustainable Holiday Season

It's the season to be jolly but it's also the season to be mindful of our impact on the environment. Every purchase that we make does make a difference and we can start by making small adjustments to our shopping habits.

1. Don't leave your Christmas shopping last-minute

When you leave your shopping to the very last day before Christmas, or that dinner party you're invited to - you're most likely end up spending more on a gift that's random, not well-thought out and might end up discarded. Team up with your family or friends and consider having one present per person. Remember that you can give more when spending less!

2. Rethink how you wrap gifts 

Come Christmas morning, bins are filled with plastic, wrapping papers, and other items with glitters that cannot be recycled and end up in the landfill. So wrap your gifts sustainably! Instead of the usual sparkly, metallic wrapping paper, go for:

- Recycled brown paper or newspaper
- Gift bags that can be regifted
- Reusable tote bags
- Fabrics that can be reused

3. Bring reusable shopping bags

Just like you do when you're grocery shopping, take reusable shopping bags or totes with you when you're shopping for gifts. You'll be significantly reducing single-use waste and save money on bags you will probably dump in the bin anyway. Moving away from the buy-and-throw mentality prevents plastic pollution - which has become a global problem with plastic filling our landfills and polluting our waters.


4.  Give meaningful gifts

Not all gifts have to be store-bought or come in box - they can be personal and memorable. Think, experiences, services, or homemade goods. A food gift is easy on the environment and as personal as it can get! We're positive that a home baked Christmas cake or mince pies will not go unappreciated (or to waste)!

5. Shop local

Another way you can be kinder to the environment is to shop local. It often has a smaller carbon footprint than shopping from larger corporations abroad because it requires less transportation. Which equals to less greenhouse gas emissions for transport.  On the plus side, you're also helping your community and the economy!

Enjoy a joyful holiday season while also doing your part to protect the planet this year!