Summertime Beach Essentials

Hitting the beach? Here are 9 must-haves you don’t want to leave behind! 

You get to the beach and realise you’ve forgotten something. We’ve all been there! That’s why a checklist comes in handy and we’ve got just the one (or two – read until the end if you have kids) for you! 


1. Reusable Water bottle 

Drinking water in the scorching heat is essential to keep yourself hydrated. Having a reusable water bottle is a plus – less plastic waste which is great for the environment.  

 2. Sunscreen 

Almost everyone gets out of the house in a rush but try to apply the sunscreen before stepping outside. Don’t forget to reapply after dipping into the sea. The first spray doesn’t last the whole day! 

 3. Cooler bag with snacks 

It doesn’t have to be humungous but carrying a little cooler bag keeps your water & snacks cool. Although you have the option to buy something from a nearby kiosk – carrying healthy snacks with you are a great (and cheaper) alternative. 

 4. Jellyfish lotion 

Our waters have been invaded by jellyfish this summer so better to pop in a jellyfish lotion in your bag just in case. It takes little space and might come in handy (hopefully not but you never know!) 

 5. A mini emergency kit 

A small makeup bag does the trick: Water-resistant adhesive bandages, paracetamol, hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, baking soda (for bee/wasp stings). 

 6. Hat 

Extra protection from sun rays, especially if you don’t have an umbrella. Which brings us to the next one on the list. 

7. Umbrella 

True, it may be a little bulky to carry but if you’re spending the whole day at the beach (and opt not to rent an umbrella), taking one with you may save you from heat exhaustion or sun stroke. 

8. Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory. Consider picking the right pair with high UV protection rating lenses.  

9. Baby powder 

Even if you don’t have kids, baby powder works wonders for sand removal. Thank us later! 


And if you do have kids, we put a separate checklist together just in case: 

 beach summer essentials botika

Subtitle: BONUS! Beach essentials for toddlers 


Water shoes 

Snacks & water 

Pre-packed lunch 

Beach toys 

Portable potty/swim diapers  

Diaper cream 


Hooded towels 

Wet Wipes 

Change of clean clothes 


And now you’re beach ready 😊 (p.s. don’t forget the swimsuit 😅!)