Green Energy Balls - YOGI TEA® Green Energy

YOGI TEA Healthy raw energy ball
Healthy & delish raw energy balls - ready in minutes! Great before & after a workout 💚💪

120 g dried dates
50 g almonds
75 g walnuts
2 tsp almond butter
4 tsp dark cocoa powder
2 tsp matcha powder, optional

1️⃣ YOGI TEA® Green Energy + boiling water for 5 mins
2️⃣ Soften the dates for 10 mins in the tea
3️⃣ Blend with all the ingredients (except the matcha powder) to a fine mixture using a high-power kitchen blender.
4️⃣ Shape into balls and roll in matcha powder, if desired.
💡 TIP! These Energy Balls will keep in the fridge up to 7 days, if properly sealed

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