5 Creative Bath Time Ideas for Kids

Overall, kids enjoy bath time, especially when it's filled with fun activities and play. However, daily baths can sometimes become a monotonous routine and may lead to tantrums when it's time to get clean. So it's time to fill up the bath, pour in the bubbles and add fun games to make bath time less tedious for you and a whole lot more exciting for them!

1. Colour the water!

Use bath-safe colour tablets to change the colour of the water.  You can teach little ones how to combine colors to make new ones! Your kids will be fascinated by the magical transformation! If your kids have sensitive skin, be careful of dyes and fragrances that aren't kind to skin. Munchkin's bath bombs are non-toxic, and moisturising with nourishing Vitamin E and shea butter.



2. Bubbles Galore

Turn bath time into a bubbly wonderland! Use baby-safe bubble bath to create mountains of bubbles for your kids to play with. You can also find interactive bubble blower toys to keep them entertained for longer by creating the bubbles themselves.

3. Bath Crayons

Bath finger paints are fun but easy-to-grip crayons are another option to switch it up! Let your kids unleash their inner artist with bath crayons. They can draw on the tub walls and tiles, write letters and numbers, practice spelling with your little one, play a game or just scribble away! And it all washes away easily with a damp cloth or sponge.


4. Bath Letters & Numbers

When they’re taking a bath...throw in a little education, too with alphabet bath toys. Use foam letters to spell out words and help your kids learn the alphabet while they play in the water. You can make a game out of it! Point to different objects and ask your kid to pick the letter it starts with. For older kids, you can practice spelling out words and adding or subtracting!


5. Fish for toys

This fun activity will keep them busy and happy in the tub. The magnetic fishing hook easily picks up sea creatures (which double as bobbing bath toys), and the handle is specially made to fit toddler hands. The reel even makes fun clicking sounds when turned, giving it a more realistic feel.


Parent PRO tip! Bath Toy Rotation is KEY. To keep your little ones engaged, rotate the bath toys weekly. When the same toys have been used frequently throughout the week, store them away and introduce different ones (not necessarily new - because that would cost you a fortune - but the ones you put away the week before). This way, you will keep the toys fresh and fun for much longer.

We hope that with these tips and fun activities bath time will be a super pleasant experience for both parents and kids! Check out these Botika bath toys recommendations to make bath time even more fun!