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Quinoa Flakes Cereal

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Gluten-Dairy-Wheat-Egg-Yeast-Soy Free + Vegan Quinoa flakes

Orgran Quinoa Flakes are a low-fat, low sugar breakfast. Made with whole grains, including quinoa and protein-rich legume for sustained fullness. Providing energy and a source of diverse nutrition from gluten-free grains, makes for a perfect start to the day.

Ingredients: brown rice flour (53%), yellow pea flour, brown rice syrup, quinoa flour (7.5%), psyllium, stabiliser: calcium carbonate. emulsifier: monoglyceride from vegetable, iodised salt, turmeric, rosemary extract.


Nutritional Information 

Servings per package: 10

Serving Size: 35g

As Per Serve/ Per 100g

Energy 425kJ/1213kJ
Protein 2.9g/8.2g
Fat, Total 0.8g/2.2g
Saturated 0.3g/0.9g
Carbohydrate, Total 19.9g/56.8g
Sugars 1.7g/4.8g
Dietary Fibre 2.3g/6.6g
Sodium 57mg/163mg