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Nestle ThickenUp

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ThickenUp is an instant powder thickener designed to help patients with dysphagia and difficulty swallowing liquid solutions. In particular, it can be useful for the elderly, individuals suffering from muscular dystrophy or in cases of neurosurgical interventions, maxillofacial or ENT surgery, neurological or neuromotor rehabilitation, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. Based on corn starch, gluten-free and tasteless, it can be added to hot or cold foods without altering their taste or colour. The density of foods can be modulated by the quantity of product added in 100 ml of original liquid: a spoon to obtain a substance with the consistency of a syrup, from one and a half to two spoons for a cream and up to three to produce a pudding . One tablespoon (about 4.5 g) provides 15 calories, for a total of 4.1 grams of carbohydrates and negligible traces of protein and fat. A single pack contains 227 grams of product: once opened, the jar can be stored in the refrigerator for a maximum period of 8 weeks.

Nestle ThickenUp - From 3 years old

Administration and Dosage

To obtain a consistency of: - syrup: 1 spoon for every 100 ml of liquid - cream: 1.5-2 spoons for every 100 ml of liquid - pudding: 2.5-3 spoons for every 100 ml of liquid.


Modified corn starch. Contains traces of milk.